Attention BSNL users: it is time to put an end to the ads on your browser!

BSNL has been injecting malicious codes in your browser from as long ago as 2015 (if not even before). These injections can have many consequences, ranging from annoying ads to non-consensually sharing of data, presumably to third parties! We have tried everything from writing to BSNL (multiple times) to filing an RTI application, but to no avail. To know more about these injections and what we did about it, see here.

To help you overcome this issue, we drafted a model complaint mail that you can automatically send to BSNL. Once we get your email address, we will reach out to you with the instructions as well as the complain email. Thus if you have been a victim of these code injections and want to take an action against it, please fill the form below and help us in this fight against malicious code injections.

If the below method/ link didn’t work for you, here is a google doc from which you can copy and paste the contents of the mail. In that case, please remember to add you name at the end of the mail . Thank you.